Distribution center is located in close proximity to Stara Pazova junction at E75 Highway in the “central industrial zone”, which is the largest and the most promising industrial zone in Serbia and the region. In the central industrial zone in the Municipality of Stara Pazova there are already numerous companies operating in the area of logistics and transport and numerous production plants and other related systems. The zone has an excellent connection to highways, railway, River Danube port and Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, which is only about a 10 minute ride away and which, as the largest cargo port in the region, conducts over 90% of cargo transport in Serbia.

This zone is connected to E75 Belgrade – Budapest Highway, which also connects it with Belgrade bypass road and thereby other chosen destinations without the need to go through the city:

  • by Zagreb Highway via Ljubljana to Italy
  • by Novi Sad Highway via Subotica to Hungary
  • by Nis Highway via Skopje to Greece
  • by Nis Highway via Pirot to Bulgaria
  • by Cacak Highway via Uzice to Montenegro
  • by Bijeljina trunk road to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • by Vrsac trunk road to Romania

Distance from the big cities:

  • Belgrade 25km
  • Novi Sad 50km
  • Timisoara 174km
  • Sarajevo 270km
  • Nais 280km
  • Banja Luka 309km
  • Budapest 340km
  • Zagreb 370km
  • Sofia 437km
  • Skopje 474km
  • Podgorica 486km
  • Ljubljana 509km
  • Vienna 579km
  • Bukurest 635
  • Thessalonika 677km
  • Tirana 768km